Camerich offers a 10-year structural guarantee on the frame.

Camerich fabric and leather is covered against manufacturing faults for a period of 1 year.

Goods which are not of a merchantable quality will be repaired, replaced or a refund will be provided when their condition is caused by Camerich or its agents. Proof of purchase must be provided, and you must be the original purchaser. The guarantee of goods is subject to proper care and maintenance and if goods are abused or not used in the intended manner they will not be covered by the guarantee. Goods utilised for commercial purposes and for rental properties are not covered by the above warranty.

As the warranty is subject to proper care and maintenance, make sure you read and understand our care and maintenance instructions below*. This is in accordance with the rights granted to you by the relevant State and Federal Laws.


Fabric and Upholstered Products:

  • Vacuum-clean fabric every fortnight to get rid of dust in hidden areas, use stain-remover to clean up stains, but a test on a back area is necessary to make sure it’s safe. Following the dry-cleaning instructions is necessary. Always use a professional dry-cleaner.

  • Maintain the shape and elasticity of cushions and pillows by patting them hard once a week.

Leather Upholstered Products:

  • Clean and dust every fortnight, using a piece of soft cloth to wipe the surface. When using a vacuum-cleaner on leather, be sure to use a soft head and pipe so as not to scratch the surface.

  • To get rid of stains, use soft cloth and leather cleaner to wipe it off. Do not use wet cloths and tissues on leather.

  • For severe stains, please consult a professional cleaner.

Glass Products:

  • To clean oil-stained glass tops, use a little detergent first, then wash the area with water and wipe dry with a cloth.

Marble Products:

  • Marble is a porous material. Any spills should be cleaned immediately to avoid stains.

  • Oily and acidic liquids will penetrate the surface quicker than water.

  • Remove spills using a clean, natural coloured cloth and lukewarm waters. If more thorough cleaning is required use a non-alkali or acidic soap.

  • Do not place hot items on marble, it may cause the marble to shock and crack. Use coasters to protect its surface.

Timber Products:

  • Wipe furniture with a piece of damp cloth in the direction of grain. For parts that collect most dust, clean them thoroughly. Clean up any stains as soon as possible.

  • Do not use agents like gasoline or alcohol to wipe wood. Do not use wet bleached tissue either because it may cause harm to the paint or finish.

  • If cleaning is not done regularly, we advise you use a professional cleaning agent. Take the recommended amount of the agent on a soft cloth to clean the furniture, and then use the other side of the cloth to wipe agent off.


  • Damp cloth can be used on steel and aluminium units, but not use acidic or alkali detergent because it will harm the surface and cause oxidation. Hard scratches may cause the same problem.

  • Metal joints may loosen with time, tighten the screws to get them back in place.

How to lodge a Warranty claim?

Camerich Sydney must be notified of any defect within 14 days of the defect occurring by email to sales@camerich.com.au. You must provide the following information upon notification of the defect:

  • Your name and Invoice number

  • Order delivery address

  • Your phone number

  • Camerich product details; and

  • Details of the defect claimed

Once notification of a defect is received, Camerich Sydney will help determine whether your warranty claim is valid, and if it is, will inform you how we will honour it. You may be required to provide Camerich Sydney with:

  • Photographic evidence of the defect

  • A written explanation of the defect

  • Details of the defect over the phone with Camerich management


  • Cancellations can be made within 24 hours of an order being placed without incurring a cancellation fee.

  • For items cancelled after the 24-hour period, a 20% cancellation fee will be charged on standard stock items and discounted special orders. (All sofas, upholstery and special sized items are special orders).

  • In some special circumstances Camerich management may agree to accept a cancellation after the 24-hour period in exchange for a store credit to be used against future purchases only.

  • Goods will only be accepted for return in as-new and fully resale-able condition, the final decision of which will be made by Camerich Sydney Management.

  • Please double check product dimension prior to ordering. Camerich will not bear responsibility for furniture not fitting in lifts or up stairs, and a 20% cancellation fee will be charged.

  • Goods that require disassembly must be returned with all fixings and parts in-tact and as-new.

If you have any questions or comments in relation to Warranty or Returns , please contact:

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